The Fashionable Fit Mum



My name is Brittany and I’m a 26 year old Australian. I am a new mum to my little girl – Milena Grace! I am a qualified Personal Trainer who has a passion for all things Women’s fitness especially prenatal, antenatal and post partum fitness but I also LOVE to help women who are new to fitness or just getting back in to it!

My aim is to inspire women of all ages to live a healthy, active life while juggling a busy work, study or #mumlife.

I am also a huge advocate of self love and self confidence for women. I truly believe if we can find self love we would all be healthier, happier and more powerful!

My other love is fashion – something I have had a passion for as long as I can remember. From high end fashion to chain store basics I just love putting together stylish, simple outfits. Now I am a Mum it’s even more fun being able to dress my mini me in all the latest baby fashion and find easy stylish outfits to suit my new mum life.

I have created this page to share my love of all things fitness, fashion and my experiences being a Mummy and everything that comes with that crazy journey. I am not a professional writer so please be kind…


My passion for fitness started as a teen – I have been a dancer my whole life and struggled with body image issues the whole way through. Fitness was a way for me to overcome those issues whether it was weight training, group fitness classes or running when I exercised I felt like I had control over my body and the way I felt about it.

When I left school I decided pursue a career in health and fitness because I could see all around me teenage girls and women with the same issues as me. Fitness was a way to make myself feel better and I wanted to share that with other women. If I can inspire just one woman to get up and change the way they feel about themselves through an active lifestyle then I have achieved my goal!