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Are Baby Wipes Safe for Adults

Wipes for common veteran babies. With convenience, ease of use, and affordable price, it is an ideal choice for parents when buying and using. But no one knows that paper towels can be harmful to health if not known how to distinguish towels for children.

Below we will give some information to give parents a clearer, more specific approach to infant wipes.

Should children’s wipes be used or not?

Most people simply think that paper towels are very convenient for babies whenever they pee or go to the toilet. It can be used to wipe the mouth or food stuck on the shirt whenever there is no cloth there. But does anyone think a lot of tissue is fine? Should I use it or not ?.

Dry baby wipe towels

Dry tissue is used to clean children in all cases such as wiping hands when dirty, wiping the face, body hygiene… But not every towel can do those tasks.

Usually, newborn skin is very thin, very sensitive to external influences. Dry baby wipe towels are usually rough and contain bacteria that are bad for babies.

When dry baby wipes towels in contact with the skin surface of children, they feel rough, wiping many times will make the skin of the child is burning.

Besides, for children with sensitive skin, when exposed to dry baby wipe towels, they are prone to allergies.

Wet baby wipe towels

This type of towel is also very popular to wipe hard-to-stick stains on young skin or something. Wet towels are easier to clean than dry towels.

Instead of every time the newborn went to the toilet or went to the toilet, she had to wash water constantly but thanks to the wet towel, she would limit the washing of water many times to avoid damaging the skin of the child.

But using tissues is not good at all. There are still many children who are allergic to wet towels for the first time.

Wet wipes with preservative MI can cause allergies in babies. Therefore, mothers should refrain from using wet towels for their children.

What is the use of different types of baby wipe towels for babies?

Sometimes parents may confuse baby wipes together.

Wipes for children daily: Or male called toilet paper is toilet paper after defecating, easily decomposing material, and the total allowed bacteria on paper <600 CFU / g.

Paper towels: Wipes for children often used to wipe hands, wipes … with the total number of bacteria allowed is <200 CFU / g.

Thus paper towels are safer, 3 times cleaner than baby wipes. Parents must distinguish which tissue is good to use for babies to ensure safety. So paper towels will use better wipes for regular children.

 Choose a towel product for children quality, safe for children

Currently, there are many different designs and sizes in the market, sometimes we cannot know which is good and which is bad, so we should know the origin, place of origin, and even at such times. ingredients that makeup tissue to ensure good use during use for infants no matter what is dangerous.

Some notes when using baby wipes

  • When using a baby wipes should be gentle when wiping the child’s skin, because baby wipes rubbing on the skin will feel dry. Also, the skin of the child is very fragile, so it is often sensitive to external agents.
  • Mom should not be too abused on baby wipes instead of water. The paper is only used to wipe through the stains immediately. To clean, please use the water to clean the child’s skin.
  • Baby wipes still have a lot of bacteria on paper, so moms need to keep them well and don’t keep them moist, so bacteria will grow.