How to Get a Baby to Sleep Fast

How to Get a Baby to Sleep Fast

After birth, babies must adapt to a lot of big changes. Some babies have trouble sleeping, which affects their ability to develop. So how can babies fall asleep easier?

Why does the baby have trouble sleeping?

According to pediatricians, difficulty sleeping in babies is not uncommon due to the following reasons:

  • According to normal physiology, babies after birth in the early months often have a short and deep sleep, so it is easy for them to wake up and then have trouble falling asleep again.
  • Breastfed children are quickly hungry, so when they are hungry they will find it difficult to sleep, and it will be difficult to maintain longer sleep patterns.
  • In a small number of cases when the baby is sick, the discomfort also affects the sleep of the baby. Many babies will find it difficult to sleep without being cuddled and comforted by their mother.
  • Besides, in infants and young children, the nervous system is still incomplete, making it more likely for babies to startle, fuss, and have trouble sleeping.

How to make it easier for your baby to sleep?

In many cases, babies have trouble sleeping or sleeping already after birth, but can’t sleep long enough. Each baby will have different expressions of sleeplessness such as lying still, staring into space, crying for a long time or crying violently.

So how do you make it easier for your baby to sleep? The mother can refer to some of the following methods:

Children should sleep in an environment with “white noise”

Many women mistakenly believe that children’s sleep in a quiet environment is optimal. But according to our research, to have a deep sleep, it is necessary to “add” more noise. Similar to when a baby is still in the womb. People call this white noise and it is harmless. It could be white noise coming from the best baby white noise machine, music coming from a CD player, or the radio; however, it should not be too noisy which would be detrimental to baby’s hearing. For more detailed information about white noise and white noise generator you can refer to the New Mom Plus page to understand this type of noise and find out the best white noise generator for your baby.How to Get a Baby to Sleep Fast

Newborn sleep is not the same

Many people think that the sleep patterns of newborn babies are the same but in reality, each baby is different, so the mother must know to adjust accordingly. According to one study, the group of children under 4 weeks of age did not usually sleep at night; with 15 to 18 hours of sleep each day, children usually cycle through 4 to 7 different periods of sleep. Sometimes children in the age group of 2 to 6 months change their sleep schedule. Some children fall asleep quickly at night but some children wake up 2 to 4 times per night. All these changes are normal and the child will still develop well.

Create a habit of sleeping for children on time

Normally, after being born a baby may be fussy and uncomfortable but can still fall asleep easily and immediately. During the first 6 weeks after birth, parents should let the baby feed and sleep on demand whenever he wants.

However, most babies have only 30 minutes to 1 hour of sleep in between nursings. Therefore, to establish a good habit of sleeping for the baby, parents can use the time between breastfeeding and sleeping to change, relax the baby and help the baby sleep longer. This also creates an opportunity for both parents to care for the baby.

Keep your baby full before going to sleep

Many mothers have a habit of lulling their baby to sleep in their arms and then placing the baby in the bed, but many children who have trouble sleeping easily wake up and fuss when this happens. Therefore, it is best for a mother to breastfeed her baby, when the baby shows signs of sleepiness place the baby in the bed so that the baby has continuous sleep without irritation.

Also, to help the baby sleep better, the mother may comfort and gently rub baby’s back. It is much better for the baby to breastfeed and then be put to bed before falling asleep than to fall asleep in mother’s arms and then easily wake up when baby is put back into bed.

When your baby is fast asleep, do not breastfeed

Many mothers make mistakes when taking care of their babies. Some mothers take care of the baby on a schedule, for example a mother will nurse once every 30 minutes to 1 hour, because of this, even if the baby is sleeping in the middle of the night, she will wake the baby to breastfeed. This seemingly causes children to lose sleep and then gradually the baby will have difficulty falling asleep as well as sleeping for longer periods of time.

Baby sleeping space must be comfortable, dark and quiet

The baby’s sleeping space is also very important, for baby’s sleep to be deep and last a long time the baby’s room should be cool, not drafty, comfortable and quiet. When babies are sleeping mothers should minimize light and noise because these factors can irritate, make uncomfortable and disrupt baby’s sleep.How to Get a Baby to Sleep Fast

Do not skip daytime sleep

Because sleep duration is very long, daytime sleep is also important, especially for children under 2 years of age. At this stage in addition to night time sleep, children usually have 2-3 long periods of sleep bringing the total sleep time to 6 hours during the day. Sleeping during the day helps children replenish their energy. And just like in adults, napping in the day is important to having good sleep at night, so the mother needs to take care and create good conditions for children to sleep well. Pay special attention to room lighting, noise, and room temperature accordingly.

Non-traditional sleeping styles can be applied

Sleeping styles can be as diverse as sleeping on the shoulder, in the car seat, in the mother’s lap or in the baby carrier … and all are fine as long as children sleep comfortably. However, pay attention to the baby’s posture. Make sure the baby sleeping position is not too restrictive, be careful not to shake the baby too much and especially be careful if lying in a hammock which can cause falls and injuries for children.

Safe sleep

Ensuring sleep safety for children is extremely important, it is more important than sleep. Firstly, make sure someone is monitoring the baby, put the child to sleep in an appropriate position, avoid lying baby on his stomach to limit sleep apnea causing sudden death syndrome, avoid laying too close to baby or having too many soft materials wrapped around children which may suffocate them … When children are sick, it is necessary to take them to see a doctor and use the medicine as directed. Absolutely do not use any sleeping syrups for children without the doctor’s prescription.

Above are all the ways to help your baby sleep better. I wish you success and always have fun!