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When Can I Give My Baby Pacifier?

The pacifier is a best solution to stop the finger or thumb sucking. As a new parent, comforting your baby is one of the top most priorities and you may find best pacifier for breastfeeding product on online store.  The baby always appears awfully cute with binks or pads in their mouths.

When Can I Give My Baby Pacifier?

Once you decide to introduce a pacifier, you must keep the following guidelines:

  • Let you guide your decision properly to your baby
  • Provide the pacifier between feedings
  • Prevent using a pacifier to delay the feedings of your baby
  • Attempt offering your baby a binky at bed time and nap time
  • Take care of the pacifier
  • Do not clean a pacifier by placing it in your mouth
  • Do not tie a pacifier around the neck of your baby or to his crib

Also, you do not need your newborn to have a pacifier at hospital and tell the nurses in advance of time, particularly if you propose to breastfeed. Also, one or two days of pacifier use in hospital will not be a consistent forming and it does not make any feel to introduce anything that you are not going to use at home.

Are pacifiers best for your baby?

Many of the babies have a powerful sucking reaction and even some babies can draw their thumbs or fingers before they born. More than nutrition, pulling often has a comforting and peaceful effect. That is why, most of the parents are considering the best pacifier for breastfeeding as must have option and also right up there with diaper wipes. It is also highly suggested that the pacifiers and other forms of artificial nipples to be prevented for minimum initial 3 to 4 weeks. In such way, you have accomplished a great supply of milk and do not lose any more required breast stimulation to a pacifier.

Usually, the use of pacifiers in breastfed for babies is so controversial. Actually, each child is unique, with different requirements and also abilities as well. Also, some of the babies can go back and forth between breastfeeding and the pacifier without even any issues. The premature babies and infants with an overexcited or a cramp desire for non-nutritive sucking that might benefit from the pacifier use. On the other hand, the pacifiers can be more challenging for new-borns, infants and sleepy babies who have complexity in nursing. The pacifier use can also affect the milk supply, if your baby is not breastfeeding as much as they would normally; because it is using a pacifier in its place.

When Can I Give My Baby Pacifier?

What must you consider before using a pacifier?

After the early weeks, the use of best pacifier for breastfeeding is less likely to cause some issues as elongated as you are aware of the following such as:

  • You should never standby a pacifier for feeding at a breast or simply attempt to hold the baby off a lengthier between feedings with one.
  • According to the studies, the babies who would consider a pacifier tend to prevent the earlier than those who perform not. The babies who use pacifier are obtaining that requirement to suck met with something other than breast. Thus, you might decide to stop breastfeeding quickly than if they did not take a pacifier.
  • Some of the babies who take pacifiers are more disposed to oral yeast that can be easily transferred to the nipples of mom.
  • Another studies that the link between an improved incidence of ear infection.

If your child struggles to give up a pacifier, you just consider talking to the Purple Mommy for support and also discuss the age in which he mentions the pacifier use.

  • These pacifiers can also outcome in teeth misalignment and also lead to shaping of speech issues or soft plate.
  • The pacifiers are end resulting in crushing or clogging, if the pacifier breaks or if it is tied around a neck.
  • Therefore, you must follow these guidelines safety and keep an eye for several pacifier safety recalls.

Common pacifier safety

You prevent pacifiers that are not consistent item. The dual pacifiers can also become a clogging the threat, if they discrete. You should also clean your child’s purple mommy pacifier daily and also rinse them very well. But, you should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a proper care. At the same time, some pacifiers can clean in a dishwasher or you can wash them with soapy water, warm water and then rinse them very well. Apart from these, you should never hang a pacifier around your baby’s neck or use any form of ribbon or string to knot a pacifier to a car seat, infant seat, stroller or crib.

When Can I Give My Baby Pacifier?

At present, most of the best pacifier for breastfeeding is specifying the size of a pacifier for the baby age. It is good to use an exact size of pacifier for your toddler. Even the elder child can also choke on the newborn pacifier; since the whole pacifier can fit into elder child’s mouth. So before purchasing, you have to check out the different brands of pacifier and then decide to buy. When they become damaged, discoloured or broken, your infant starts to get teeth. All you have to do is to simply talk to the dentist on your child’s pacifier usage and then discuss age and ensure that the pacifier suggest to use till the end.


Hence, the proper use of pacifiers has several benefits. If you decide to use the pacifier, you can ensure to keep an eye on its use. You can make sure to clean the baby pacifier. The babies must only sleep with a plain pacifier. Providing baby pacifier will also improve the mom’s chances of ovulating and getting pregnant. You should also verify the pacifier for signs of attire and halt regularly. Therefore, minimizing the amount of time spent on soother will decrease the danger of dental damage. Each and every infant is unique, so you do not worry on it.